Ralf Wackenhut - Managing Director Production | Centre of Competence clamping chucks

Hans-Ulrich Voigtländer has handed over his position as the Managing Director Production of the Centre of Competence clamping chucks in Ehrenfriedersdorf to Ralf Wackenhut.

Voigtländer managed the division since the company was founded in 1996 and is planning to retire.
He will still be at the centre of competence for some time to actively support the gradual transition
of the responsibilities to Ralf Wackenhut.

Ralf Wackenhut (37) will now be responsible for the Centre of Competence clamping chucks together with Peter Tausend, Commercial Director. 

He is also responsible for the production of clamping technology in Aalen. The engineer graduate who has an MBA has worked for 14 years at MAPAL. His career started in 2004 as a designer in the Aalen headquarters. Three years later he took over as Head of Design for fixed tools.
In 2015 he switched to the works in Ehrenfriedersdorf. Ralf Wackenhut is married. His hobbies include snowboarding but he also enjoys spending his free time reading specialist literature and taking part in further education.